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MOTHER EARTH NEWS has added me as one of their bloggers. Since March (sorry for the delay in telling you) each time I post my regular blog, a version of it will appear on their website under the Permaculture banner for blogs. You can find it at www.motherearthnews.com/permaculture. I’m not their only permaculture blogger, so you will find other posts there in addition to mine. My posts on MOTHER EARTH NEWS are not quite as long and a little less technical. They will contain some of the same information, but will always have something not in the regular post, such as another story or angle on the subject.

My posts publish here every two weeks on a Tuesday at 6am. Sometime later that same day the MOTHER EARTH NEWS version will appear on their website. You might want to take a look at whatever additional insight I put there. Thank you to the readers who have come here as a result of finding me there. Growing our own food to truly feed ourselves is an exciting undertaking. Together we can make a difference!


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