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I am writing this blog to people who have seen my videos or heard me speak and wonder what I’m up to now.  I am also writing to my former students, who I just know are making a difference in their local food systems.  For those of you who just heard of me, I’m writing to you, too.  My work with garden planning and cover crops is documented in my DVDs Develop a Sustainable Vegetable Garden Plan and Cover Crops and Compost Crops IN Your Garden.  If you haven’t seen them yet, I hope you do.  My next work is to explore getting the food from garden to table with the least fossil fuel.  You’ll be hearing about solar cooking, solar food drying, rocket stoves, haybox cooking, and grain mills.  Other considerations are what would be needed to grow a complete diet.  Crop choices can make a big difference in successfully feeding ourselves.  I’ll also write about my current cover crop and garden planning issues, beekeeping, and about sustainable lifestyles in general.  All of these things fall under the general title of permaculture.   My next post will be about my Homegrown Fridays.  These Fridays in Lent I’ve been only eating what I’ve grown, so stay tuned.

There is change about and we need to step up our learning.  By learning first to feed ourselves, we can better reach out to help others around us.  It is my wish that the community that develops around this blog will expand, each of you becoming a catalyst for positive change wherever you are.  My husband and I chose the name Homeplace Earth because if the earth is homeplace to almost 7 billion people, we better take care of it.   Please share your comments as we travel this journey.  Together we can make a difference.

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